Can't install CIS

I had norton before trying to install comodo. I unistalled it and ran symantec’s removal tool to make sure it was completely uninstalled from the system. I downloaded CIS but whenever I run it I get an error that says “Unable to locate the entry of the procedure MiniDumpWriteDump on DLL (dynami-link library) dbghelp.dll”.
I’m running Windows 7 Home premium, I have .net Framework 4 and I believe 2008 c++ redists. I also tried installing some debugging tools pack from microsoft trying to update dbghelp.dll which didn’t fix the problem.
The CIS version I’m trying to install is version 4.1.150349.920.

Any ideas or anyo one knows how to fix this?


It seems Norton removed correct version of dbghelp.dll from your system.
You need to find correct dbghelp.dll for your OS and install it.

I’d suggest you to google for a solution to your problem. For example, here the same issues were discussed and a few solutions offered: (