Can't install Chromodo :(

I can’t seem to install Chromodo. I have been using Chromium Secure, and just recently I’ve started having issues with it so I figured I should find out how to update it. Found out it was changed to Chromodo so I’m now trying to install that.
Problem is, I download the installer, open it, and I get a message telling me to ‘upgrade’ to before updating to the latest, when I click to do this, it just downloads the same installer again, which again prompts me to get the 36 version.
I can’t get past this and I have no idea what to do, can anyone help me? :cry:

Please open the browser and
Go to chrome://about/
and please wait for new updates check and update your browser from this interface. It will prompt you to restart your browser.
and please repeat this step till you see “You browser is up-to-date”

then please download the latest Chromodo from the link below

Then try to install the new installer

Thank you so much this fixed it =)