Cant install CF or CIS on Win10x64 21H2


as you can see from my title, I thought I would try a good firewall with HIPS like comodo after seeing my PANDA anti-virus being turned off sometimes, turns out the installer does nothing?, at the most, it states PLEASE WAIT and nothing happens?

I tried extracting the EXE with 7-Zip and running the installer within and the result was the same.

can anyone help with this?

thanks in advance

Did you try to use both the offline and online CIS installers? I use always the offline one.
Did you completely uninstall PANDA or other running security software first? Other security software on your computer may cause conflict with CIS.

Did you run the Panda uninstall tool?

Verify no malware is on system. The same malware that might turn off Panda might also prevent another security software from installing. Or could be potential OS corruption.