Can't install certificate in Opera

I’m unable to install a certificate in Opera 9.27. When I request a certificate a box opens asking for my Opera master password and then the request is successful. When I use the certificate collection email from Comodo I first get a dialog “Install client certificate–install this personal certificate chain in the database?” When I click Install I receive the message Opera: The certificate installation failed.

How can I install the certificate in Opera?


Apply and collect the certificate using IE 5.5 or above browser

Please revoke your current email certificate. Then you can able to reapply again on our web site from new machine by using IE 5.5 or above browser.

For getting a revoke, submit the ticket in the following link


I had the same problem. Solved by revoking the cert.

But, let me remark that on Sectigo

there is a note that “(Email Certificate can be applied for and collected using IE, Firefox, Opera and Flock)”

which is not true, as collecting the certificate does not work using Opera and FireFox…
but thanks anyway for the great free product