Can't install, Can't uninstall Comodo Internet Security

Win XP SP3

The uninstall link is gone and the 3.9 install routine does nothing when clicking “Yes” when asked if you want to uninstall previous version.

I believe the installed version is 3.8 but the “About” screen does not show a version number, the entry is blank.

I looked at the manual install routine suggested on the forum (started from dos window) but the file cfpconfg referred to does not exist.

Have been unable to find any other relevant posts using search to do a complete manual uninstall. all I have found is a few cleanup tools for use after an uninstall.

where do I start?

try reinstalling over it and uninstalling again. That should clean it up.

Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

When trying to reinstall the routine halts on a screen asking whether you want to uninstall the previous version.

Whether you answer Yes or No the routine dies at that point and will not reinstall. The uninstall entry is gone in add / remove programs.

Did you try this?

try this, go to start- run and coy this in there “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfpconfg.exe” -u just like it is with the quotation and everything.

I had looked at it but it suggested that it be run after a successful uninstall. I was hesitant to try it before getting more info.

I tried running it after your post and it gave more errors than successes as it ran and left files and directories behind. Rebooting after running the bat gave a comodo not installed properly error on startup and I said “No” to attempting to ficx the installation. The system booted ok without comodo.

I then tried installing 3.9 and the bat had cleaned enough stuff out of the registry to allow install to run without attempting to do an uninstall first. 3.9 is now installed successfully and appears to be running correctly. I now also have an uninstall entry.

Thank you. :-TU

Something had obviously gone wrong with my previous install as there were only about 4 files in this directory not including cfpconfg.exe.

After the successful reinstall there are many more files including this one.

Thanks for the help.