Can't import Internet Explorer Favorites

Hi folks!

Downloaded and Installed CID 3 days ago Computer 1, and my buddy downloaded and installed last night on his Computer 2, both had the same problem.

Mine’s 2.8 Pentium 4, 800Mb ram, XP-Pro SP3 with IE8 running CIS and free Malwarebytes, all O/S Add-ons uninstalled or disabled.

Buddies is a laptop XP Home SP3, IE6 using Avast.

On mine I can’t install Favorites from Internet Explorer 8 into CID Bookmarks. Only accepted files beginning with letter A through letter H. Info here:��-cid/bookmarks-import-from-internet-explorer-t86900.0.html;new#new

Just found out a few minutes ago that my buddy couldn’t transfer Favorites to his Bookmarks either, his only took files from letter A through letter L. Repeated tries failed for both of us. Neither would take all files during install, both repeated their own identical error each try [mine always A-H, his always A-L] and mine wouldn’t take them all no matter what I tried later.

My Favorites folder has 49Mb of files, 10Mb of Disk Space at 17,000 files, his is far less. Also I had no problem loading all these into Firefox ver. 6 or so a few months ago. I have 70+Gb’s of free disk space.

With both computers exhibiting identical symptoms with both downloads and installs of the same program only days apart, it looks like a Bug in this version of CID?

Could be a matter of a setting for maximum allowable total file size in Bookmarks?