can't import configuration to an active configuration.

i’m using

Offline Installer for CIS Premium:
This is for users, who may not want to use online installer:

Size: 64.8 MB (68,028,344 bytes)
MD5: 547973c0e6cd3f12cbd34b303877aa57
SHA1: 0db0a5125995e4786c762238b83406c4fb953f35

this problem did not appear if i’m updating comodo CIS from older version.

problem that i found is that
you can’t import in “General settings” → “Configuration”
without un active your profile by changing to another profile first.

i’m using “COMODO - Proactive Security” status active
if i’m importing configuration directly to that profile while it’s status active, i’ll get warning “You cannot remove active configuration”

so i have first to change to another profile like “COMODO - Internet Security” or “COMODO - Firewall Security”
than i can importing configuration to “COMODO - Proactive Security”, after importing than i can change back using to “COMODO - Proactive Security”.

not so much hassle, but annoying. :slight_smile:

Import your saved Proactive Configuration as a different name, such as ‘Saved Proactive Configuration’ then you don’t have to change and reboot twice

When done, delete the other Configuration if you want

You can’t import a configuration with the same name as the active configuration. Not a bug.

edit: same name*

so it’s not a bug, but a different kind of logic programming, different than other release before.

so everytime i want to import configuration, i need to create another new one, than change to it.
improvement or de-improvement?

thanks for the reply
sorry for it’s a small annoying new logic (not a bug)

I meant to say same name as the active configuration, so when you import a configuration give it a different name than what is already listed and one that is different from the current active configuration. e.g. my proactive config, my custom settings, etc.