Cant host Steam games unless i disable firewall.

Dear all,

I ve recently installed CIS along with its firewall.
I am trying to host steam games (CS, No more room in hell, HL2) via port 27015.
I ve done portforwarding in my router and it worked fine previously.

After installing CIS my game does not appear on the steam list UNLESS i disable my comodo firewall. however, players may still join if they connect manually(via ip) to my server. They will remain in my server after i reactivated comodo firewall.
Of note, if set comodo to allow hl2 to allowed application attempted to set (2 separate rules just to be sure) global rules to allow tcp & UDP destination/source to port 27015 but results remain the same.
Comodo did not alert me of any other connection attempting to use the net, nor anything else was logged as block.

Does any1 knows why this is happening?

Thx in adv.

What direction did you put for the global rules? Servers listen for incoming traffic, so it needs to be Allow UDP In From Any to Any where Destination Port is 27015, assuming that is the correct port number configured in the server files. And make sure it is above any block rules.

i did twice (separated).

one for any destination to source port 27015
another for any source to destination 27015

the game can be joined by other peopleā€¦ its just that my game is not advertised by the steam search game.

How are you launching the server?