Cant Get torrents/P2P apps to work? Look here! (opening ports)

Ok first off, If you just downloaded this thing, give it a couple days, its actually alot better than Zone Alarm and the others. I have tried almost all of them.

I had a major DirectX issue 3 days ago which forced me to reinstall XP (Note to MS: Make directX removable!) Anyways all worked fine up until then, its when I reinstalled everything that the fun started!

First off, it will natively BLOCK torrent traffic. Regardless of what you do, accept/deny dont matter.

you need to go into Net work Monitor and ADD a new rule. (its easy I added like 10 of em before i figured this out)

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP
Direction: In/out

Source IP: Any (this is ‘peers’ connection to u, if they cant connect u cant connect)

Destination IP: this is you. like a router, u need your IP address of your puter, go to start>run>type ‘cmd’ w/o quotes, then at the command prompt, type ‘ipconfig’ w/o quotes. you want your IP address enter it in the ‘single IP’ OR if your in a zone (ull remember is you set one up, it gave u NO options to do anything, and seemed useless) select that, works the same.

Source port: Any

Destination Port: PAY ATTENTION, you need the SAME ports u using in your p2p client, and enter them here. on bit torrent, its usually 6881, however, you can change them in ur client, but they must match your firewall.

now ur done.

Now heres where EVERYONEleft this part out, and its overlooked ALL the time!

in the list in the network rules, you have a red icon, says “Block and log” this needs to be at the BOTTOM!!! if its not, nothing will work!

I beat my head against a wall for 2hrs trying to figure this out. and thats all it was.

Note to Comodo: should make that rule non moveable and always at the bottom!