Can't get to Zonealarm website


First post. Been using CIS for less than two weeks and need some assistance.

Tried to go to the Zonealarm website to unsubscribe to their emails and got a Page Load Error - Firefox can’t find the server at Did a refresh and got - Firefox can’t find the file at jar:file:///C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/chrome/en-US.jar!/locale/browser-region/

Also got - Error 502 - The Verifier connection to Web Server Failed - on another site. Had neither one of these problems before using CIS.

Went to the CIS Help and that was about as clear as mud. Read some of the post about Zonealarm with mixed feelings. Thought I would try a post before “buying” a different Internet security suite.

Not very impressed with the CIS interface or Help.


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Hey bowlturner, Sorry for the troubles. Zonealarm leaves things behind when it uninstalls, look here;
Also try clearing out firefox cache. ← that should fix the problem not being able to load some pages. It has nothing to do with Cis :slight_smile:

If you have suggestions for the interface please make them known in the wishlist, The developers listen to the communities ideas.

When you mention not being impressed by help, do you mean the helpfile in CIS or help from the forums? You could mention what sections you think need to be focussed on and we’ll have a look at them + also I noticed that you only have 1 post - We can’t help you unless you tell us whats wrong! (:NRD)

I hope this answers your questions. Post back and let me know how it goes :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. The Zonealarm issue has gone away.

The problem either: 1. resolved itself, i.e. -relaunch of Firefox or reboot. or 2. The site was having problems and they fixed it. There was another site that I could not get to last week, but could a couple of days ago.

The reason I only posted once is because I was searching the Help files and the Forum for a week before posting.

As for the Help Files and forum, I could not find any reference to cookie or cache management. Specifically, when I close Firefox (3.0.4) my cookies are cleared automatically and I don’t want that. I want to control what happens. I do not have Firefox set to clear anything.

I know there were other issues I had, but I don’t recall what they are. When I do recall I will let you know.


That’s good to hear, Bowlturner