Can't get to iTunes Store or connect with iPod:

Recently I have not been able to connect with the iTunes store when I am in iTunes. And, I am not able to connect with my iPod. I am able to connect with the Internet with no problems and after Googling this problem I believe that the problem might be with my firewall. I tried to put iTunes and iTunes Helper in to my accepted group in COMODO but I still can’t get to the iTunes store and iTunes doesn’t recognize my iPod. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

What is itunes se to in your network security policy?

You could try removing all apple/itunes rules from your computer security policy, putting CFP in Training mode, and run itunes and try to connect your ipod

I have the standard edition of Comodo and i can access iTunes store ONLY if i disable comodo’s security, once your done with your browsing of the store, enable back security - easy!

  1. At the Main menu of Comodo, under the PROACTIVE DEFENSE header, take note of 'The Defense+security level is set to ’
  2. Where is, click onto that link and slide the security level bar down to DISABLED and click on APPLY
  3. Now start iTunes up and you should be able to connect now!

NB: Remember to enable whatever your security level was after browsing store, EASY!

Happy iTuning! :wink: