cant get the comodo server to send me a key to activate my anti virus.

it downloaded the program, its installed, and it never sent me the key. idont get it. ive tried many times over the last couple of days, and nadda.

one more day and then back to etrust for me…


Please check the junk filters in 1) your email app and 2) your ISP’s pop server (if they provide on-server junk filtering). Several junk filters are known to interpret the Comodo activation code emails as junk. Hotmail, for one, does this.

If the code email isn;t in your junkfolders, let me know via PM and I’ll send you one.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. ;)Please be aware that CAVS2.X is still a BETA product and should only be installed if you are aware of the risks involved in running beta software and are prepared to live with any consequences. I’m not saying don’t install it, I’m just saying that it is still in development and may not operate as smoothly or as efficiently as you would like - yet.


ditto here on the no activation ability but over here the page to submit never finishes so is not an email server issue.


I will send you a key via PM.

I’ve come across this problem also :slight_smile: (mentioned in another post). I’m sure it’s a problem the other end as I used to receive activation keys and now nothing.


Well Panic and Justin your very helpful and quik on communications so thanx heaps but the activation code panic sent me for the firewall gives me an error-2146697211. Perhaps related, but doubt it, is the now inability to also surf to most of the comodogroup addresses. It appears that my host filing through either Spybot’s latest update to their hostfile or MVPS’s list via the Hostman program is blocking me. Apparently people have added your comodo name to the regularly changing lists without checking it out for threat level.


Turns out yes indeed the made it on the MVPS host file list. It was the source of the activation error listed above. I removed the address from my main list, added it to an exclusion list, disabled the host file program, rebooted, turned the Hostfiling program back on…walla activation code is accepted and I can now browse all the comodo pages. Can’t say for sure hostfiling was source of the original inability to submit the info for to get activation code but perhaps that issue needs a thorough going over by some technicians…At the very least Comodo needs to do what it can to have itself removed from the MVPS list…Basically the hackers are at war with ya and probably the source of that submission.

Hope this helps some folks out…