Can't Get Rid of Proxy Setting in ver 3.8.64263.468

This is making me crazy. CIS was working perfectly until I took it into my office yesterday and connected it the LAN, where I configured IE7 for a proxy to download some Windows updates from the Internet.

Later at home and using Firefox which wasn’t configured for a proxy, I downloaded the latest version of CIS 3.8.64263.468 and upgraded the prior version. After installing I tried to update the virus signature and CIS couldn’t get out. It took me a while to realize that the IE proxy setting was still set, and somehow without me ever telling it, CIS picked it up and was still trying to go through the office proxy.

I have spent several hours now trying to get rid of that setting. I have deconfigured the proxy in CIS, in IE7 and a packet trace shows CIS is still trying to go through it. I have deinstalled CIS, scanned the registry for every instance of COMODO and deleted it, scanned the hard drive for every directory called COMODO and deleted it, scanned the registry for every instance of the proxy and made sure it wasn’t there. I have rebooted, reinstalled CIS, and it still keeps trying to go out my office proxy and nothing I can find is even configured to do so. I have run complete virus scans and malware scans and found nothing. I think that somewhere CIS is storing this in my system and it’s making my crazy trying to get rid of it.

Short of switching to another product, anyone have any suggestions? In the meantime, I would warn anyone against using a proxy setting in IE7 since CIS seems to grab it and hide it somewhere without asking and doesn’t let you ever turn it back off.

Try revo uninstaller. That should do the trick and find all the stuff that CIS has installed.

Also you should troubleshoot this, do other programs as well go thought this “proxy” at your office?

If you believe this is a bug pleas repost it somewhere in the bugforum that you find appropriate: and provide all data you can and hopefully the dev team will fix it.