Can't get rid of Comodo

I need help desperately! I uninstalled Comodo about a week ago as it required too much interaction and I’m not technically smart enough for that. There were no problems with the uninstall, and until this afternoon I had no indications that somehow it was still on my computer.

After a reboot I went into the Windows firewall and it said that both Comodo and Windows were running. I’ve been into that firewall umpteen times since uninstalling Comodo and this was never there.

I reinstalled Comodo (with all security programs off). I downloaded Revo Uninstaller, booted in safe mode and removed Comodo with Revo. I rebooted in normal mode and Comodo is still there. Maybe that’s what’s been causing me problems with Avast. I need help badly. Please – anyone! How do I get rid of Comodo?

  1. Open start menu and click Run and write cmd.
  2. In the cmd window, write NET STOP WINMGMT /Y.
  3. Now write cd "%windir%\system32\wbem" and then RD /S /Q “Repository”.
  4. Last of all, write NET START WINMGMT /Y.
  5. Close the cmd window and security center should no longer report it.

That should solve your problem with security center.

Uninstall Instructions (Scroll down to download the batch).