Can't get passthru for PPC


I am using Active Sync with my PPC to connect with my PC.

Although I have got the device connecting and file sharing, I can’t seem to get it connecting to the internet over the cable network.

As the PC connects to the internet OK, I guess this has something to do with my Comodo firewall configuration.

I would appreciate advice how to configure this.


Theres two ways of solving this.
Method 1 is to make an access rule in the Network Monitor to allow all IP traffic (In/Out) from to This will allow all forms of communications between the IP address and These two are respectively your PC ( .2) and your PPC ( .1).
Method #2 is to allow inbound TCP connections from your PPC on IP address on the following ports:

TCP 990
TCP 999
TCP 1025 (for Outlook communication)
TCP 1069
TCP 5678
TCP 26675
TCP 36914 (for Outlook communication)

These ports can be verified in the logs. Just check for blocked entries from the IP address mentioned above :slight_smile:

Hope this helps