can't get over my first gf

:‘( its been 5 months since she broke up with me :frowning: idk what to do still havent gotten over her I constantly cry when i see her but she doesnt care about my feelings towards her now :’(

Just take it one day at a time and learn from the past

if experience helps to mature then you can go further
otherwise the vicious circle of undesired situations is inevitable

Hi crowruin,
Sorry to hear about your sadness.
Life is full of ups and downs, it is the ups that keep us going.
Focus your memory on the good times you had together.
Happy memories are like images of gold, feel lucky to have happy times to fall back on.

This may not sound nice, but thinking about people less fortunate than yourself can sometimes help heal the sorrow.

A quote from my late Father,
“If I wake up breathing in the morning, I know I am better off than many others”

Keep positive and believe that time is a great healer.

Kind regards from Captainsticks.

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. In time will pass this sad time :slight_smile: . And there will be another person in your life, who will appreciate your feelings. Right now: Keep your head up. Every sad event in our life will make us better or worse, you need yo know to extract the bad from the good, and the good from the bad.

Regards RealNature,

Your first gf is always the hardest to get over. Just try and move on and learn from the experience

If she doesn’t care about your feelings then she does not deserve you, and your better off with out her. There is just more of the same pain waiting for you from her.

It’s easier said than done but move on and find someone that will care.

Chin Up. :stuck_out_tongue:

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it .” - George R.R. Martin

well its been a week and today we both passed by eachohter at school i just looked at her once then kept on walking i didnt feel any sad feelings :slight_smile: i almost there just gotta keep distracting myself with my new computer making antivirus reviews and videos :smiley:

btw im a senior in highschool

Well I’m happy to hear this. Well good for you, after a dark day comes a bright one :■■■■

Sounds like you are doing your best to move on crowruin, good to hear. :-TU