Can't get online with Comodo on and Outlook Express doesn't work

Unless I turn off Comodo, I can’t get online.
I’ve customized a few programs like WinRAR to avoid being sneaky using FireFox, Internet Explorer and Explorer.exe to access the internet.
What gives?

And what does your logs say?


Please provide some more information:

What Version of CPF do you have?

Did you install CPF on “Automatic” rather than “Manual/Advanced”?

Have you made any changes to the Network Rules that CPF created by default (six default rules)?

Are you on a LAN/behind a router? If so, have you run the Network Wizard in CPF, and rebooted?

Regarding your Applications connecting, have you run the Applications Wizard in CPF, and rebooted?

Have you blocked svchost.exe in any rule, or through any popup?