can't get online radio to play

I just installed Comodo firewall a few days ago. I know I have a lot to learn, but right now I am just wanting to know how to get it to allow me to listen to an online radio station. It will play on my husband’s laptop (no Comodo), but not at all on my computer. When I click on the button to play, there is no response at all. Not even alerts from my firewall. What do I do to let it know I want the connection?

Are you sure that it’s Comodo blocking this connection? Comodo should have asked you whether you wanted to allow or deny it once it detected the program was trying to access the internet. Try disabling Comodo Firewall by setting it to Allow All, does the program work now? Be sure to set the settings back to Custom once you have finished testing this.


My guess is the Network Monitor rules between computers are a little different. Combined with differences between the actual computer/browser configuration, you may need to modify CFP’s NetMon rules to allow certain types (protocols) of traffic. The logs will be the key to what’s being blocked.


BTW, with NetMon blocking things, there will not be any popups or alerts for you to respond to.