Can't get on localhost


I recently installed Comodo Firewall Pro and am now trying to connect to my localhost with Firefox.

The problem:
Unable to connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Things I tried:
Turning off firewall → it works
Giving both Apache and Firefox full access (both firewall and defender plus) → doesn’t work
Creating general rules for and allowing all the ports → doesn’t work
Creating a rule matching all protocols/ports/hosts, allow them, and let it generate logs → no log showed, no connection

Anyone got a suggestion what I can do?

Are you using the “web server” predefined policy for Firefox? Has the localhost rule in it. Works for most people (including me) with FF.
sorry, “web browser” :slight_smile:

I don’t have a predefined policy called ‘Web server’

The ‘web browser’ doesn’t work btw, and I was using ‘Trusted application’

Is FF also setup as “trusted” under D+? This is the other place that loopback networking is allowed/disallowed. Anything in the D+ logs? BTW, which cfp3.x version are you using? And are you trying to connect via http?

yup, but its not D+, because then it wouldn’t work when I turned the firewall off and keep D+ on

Yep http

Sounds like time for a reinstall then, if things aren’t following the rules. There have been occasional failed installs. You should be getting logs of the blocks otherwise.