Can't get latest update

I d/l Comodo v. and immediately noticed update notification for Clicking on it brought forth d/l for instead which I downloaded thinking maybe you had to do this then would get 15.277 but still all I get is the one for 14.276. Also, on startup I get a shadow box on desktop which disappears if I click on Comodo in the toolbar and then close. Others I’ve spoken to don’t get this phenomena. Help, please.

To upgrade V 268 it would be necessary to follow these instructions:;msg116503#msg116503

Basically it is required to install the patches mentioned to update to V276 before you could update to V 277.

You may just be better off uninstalling V268 and then installing the latest version downloaded from here:


Thanks for the reply and have followed your advice… only thing left to sort out is the mysterious “shadow box” I get when starting up… it is definitely something to do with Comodo as it disappears after I click on to Comodo in the toolbar. How can I get rid of this annoyance?