Can't get it to run [Resolved]

:THNK I just installed Bo Clean and I cannot get it to run. I’ve clicked the icon on All Programs and the one on the desktop and nothing happens. I’ve been racking my poor brain trying to figure why it will not start scanning my system.

I am running WindowsXP Home Edition and SP2. Will some kind soul tell me that to do. I’d hate to have to remove it, but what else can I do if it won’t work?


hello… if you see the BOClean icon running in your systray, down by the clock, at the bottom-right of your computer screen, BOC is running…

are you not seeing the BOC icon in your systray? did you reboot after running the install?

BOClean does not have a “scanner” where you open a GUI and run a scan, manually… it just runs in realtime, scanning your computer’s memory, monitoring what is running in memory… if any malware tries to run, it will kill the process and give you the option of removing the associated file…

you shouldn’t be having any problems with BOClean where it will not run for you after you install it and then reboot… if it really is not running for you, maybe when you installed BOC it was not able to connect to the internet and so it did not automatically download a license and so maybe that is why it is not running…

:BNC Thank you for such a swift reply, Red Wolf.

Ah So! I was expecting to see it running when started like most other programs like it that I am used to. Yes, I rebooted just like it asked me to. I was clicking on al the links and was about to uninstall, thinking I had a corrupt install.


Duchess, there is an online-manual that you can look at… here is the link for it: