Can't get free activation code

Whenever I enter my name and email details on the website at :- and click on the submit button, I get a page cannot be displayed message, and although i can download the file, I am not receiving an email with my activation code. Can anybody advise please?

There are two main causes for this. Access to the site that delivers the activation email is blocked through the HOSTS file. Alternatively, the activation email is blocked by a spam filter (either yours or your ISPs).

Open the following file in notepad

(N.B. The full stop at the end of “hosts” IS CRITICAL.)

Check through the contents of this file and remove any and all references to “comodo” or “comodogroup”.

Dont forget to check your spam filters.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

You were right, i removed the offending entries from my hosts file and the page loaded fine and i’ve received the code. Thank you so much for solving this for me!