Can't get Explorer to open

Hi, I’m am new so sorry if this is in the wrong section. I installed both Comodo and IE 8 some months ago, then just this afternoon I got a pop up asking if some program I had never heard of, I now know it is attached to IE should be allowed, like and idiot I said no than said yes to the next question. now I can’t open IE, or more accurately it opens but before it can even display that home page it closes again and there is a log in the defense+, how do I fix this, I seem to remember there being a way to un-block a program, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what it is, Please Help.


So right after posting this I figured it out, so no longer need help, thanks

If your reading this trying to figure how to unblock an application, pull up Comodo, go to defense +, advanced, computer security policies, double click, find the program, edit, change to trusted, than apply, than apply again, this is important, than you should be good.