Can't get CSE 64 ver to work Thunderbird 3.0

I notice the CSE window pops up after I start Windows mail. Yet this very message doesn’t show for Thunderbird. I looked in e-mail folders scanning settings, and I see Thunderbird is not available. The option to prompt for scanning is faded. Is 3.0 not compatible with this feature?


Can you provide additional info, please:

  1. Comodo SecureEmail (CSE) version
  2. OS version
  3. Thunderbird 3 version.

This info will help us to reproduce and fix your issue.


  1. CSE x64 is not working with 32bit Thunderbird.
  2. There is no officially released Thunderbird 3 x64
  3. CSE wasn’t tested with unofficial Thunderbird 3 x64 builds.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Eugene.