Can't get a process to be sandboxed?

Ok I tried searching the forums here in this section but I cannot seem to find anything so far related to my issue.

Im trying to sandbox a specific process. But no matter what I do, the file is never sandboxed/virtualized by Comodo. The process in question is actually run by another process though and I don’t know if maybe this is why the process is run fine without being virtualized?

I have set the process to be run virtually in the Auto Sandbox window and Enable File Source Tracking and Enable Auto Sandbox are both ticked. I’ve also tried setting telling Comodo to block it instead of run virtually. But it still works perfectly fine.

Am I doing something wrong here? Cause when I check Killswitch, under Virtualization it shows up as “disabled”

If a program runs by another program it will inherit the status of the parent. If the parent is sandboxed the sibling will also be sandboxed. If the parent is run outside the sandbox the sibling will also run outside the sandbox.

What are the parent and sibling process at hand in your situation?

Hello there. Thanks for the reply.

In my case Im a bug tester for a game and we’re testing a new anti cheat system. So The process that Im trying to sandbox (as a test) is run by one of the game’s exe files. We have two parts from my understanding. The game can be launched with or without the anti cheat system. When launching with the anti cheat system, it executes a smaller exe file which in turn launches the anti cheat system and injects itself into the game’s main exe file. I was trying to see if sandboxing the anti cheat system would allow a user to modify the game’s memory with cheat engine or if it would still prevent a user from modifying the memory. My assumption is that it would still prevent user’s from cheating. But I was wanting to test it none the less.

Hope I made sense writing this. I’ve had a very long day so I apologize if I don’t make sense. But if I need to sandbox the parent process then this I shall try. Thanks again!


Could you please show screenshots of the auto-sandbox advanced settings as well as Sources, Reputation and Options tab for your rule that you created?