Can't get a license.

Hi there,
I installed the Comodo Firewall some days before, but I did not receive a license key until now. I normally use Firefox, but I tried it several times also with IE, but it was fruitless.

Hope somebody can help, as I really like this Firewall compared to other products.

Thank you in advance,


You got the key… But, it doesn’t work? What happens?

I know these keys are time limited. How long was it between requesting the key & receiving it?

No, I did not receive a key. I only received a mail stating “Your licence will be issued shortly and emailed to …”

OK. Then the only thing that I can suggest is that you try again or I obtain the key on your behalf & email it to you.

Also check the spamfolders in your mail, “key-mail” ends up there sometimes.