Can't fully boot after recent update

Love the product, but gots me a problems (yes, I searched it ;)):

Prompted for new updates yesterday - downloaded updates - prompted to restart - no desktop.

Can’t run explorer.exe from task manager either; restore is the only apparent fix.

Kind of a drag, yeah? Anyone else?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

So I’m the only one who’s unable to install the recent updates? No one else has any similar issues?

Most are not having trouble with the updates. But I have in the past and always do an uninstall and reinstall after exporting my settings. Are you running Vista or XP SP2? Was the update for

i had a problem with after uninstalling and cleanup of a older version
of v3 and installed with no problems i used it all day restarted a bunch
of times that day with no problems then i turned the pc off for the nite and the
next day i turned my pc on and and the desktop would not load but after a few trys
it loaded and i have not had trouble since :slight_smile:

but in defince+ events log for that day it says

1/16/2008 11:12:28 PM C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe Terminate Process C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfp.exe
1/16/2008 11:12:30 PM C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe Terminate Process C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfp.exe
End of The Report

so it looks like comodo stoped explorer.exe but it got passed it and all is ok now :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, I just got back to town and since the support fella hasn’t written me back yet I thought it was a lost cause. Here’s the gist of what I gave him as per his request:

Thank you for your time ___,

  1. Comodo Firewall Pro (on an HP a1100y, XP Pro sp2, 400gb disk space [200free], 2gb ram)

  2. Avira AnitiVir Premium Anti-virus, Windows Defender, Ad-Aware Personal, Spybot S&D, Spyware Blaster, and Hijack This (the last two are usually inactive, as the former is just a preventative measure[SB] and the latter is used only when suspicions arise [HJT]).

  3. There is no error to speak of, that is to say, all seems well until I reboot (as suggested by CFP for the update to take effect) at which point my toolbar and icons are missing.
    I attempt to run “explorer.exe” from the task manager, but am unable to do so - only the bare essentials of the OS will start up (svchost, system, etc) and only a system restore prior to the update point will recover my desktop.
    I have attempted to research a solution online via various forums, etc. and have triple-checked to be sure that this particular update is the culprit; it is in fact the only variable left and the only change made to my computer before the incident.

Thanks again for your help,

Im having the same problems. Currently using 276, but downloaded 277, but before i install, i want to back up my config, but am not allowed. Im the Admin of my laptop (Vista Business 32bit) which is frustrating. Ive not been able to access IE since installation either, and was kind of hoping the new 277 would solve this, because currently I cannot update definitions either.

Anyone able to help?

I’m gonna export my settings and try a reinstall, I’ll get back to ya…

I have heard of conflicts from the real time component of Spybot, if you are using TeaTimer.

No, I never really cared for that thing (TT). Once upon a time I’d use it if I were gettin’ paranoid about some activity. I could see those two not getting along…thanks for the tip though.

How did you get on, and how did you go about exporting your config?

So, I might be an idiot…
It didn’t occur to me to try and run the diagnostics again to see if any issues were present, so I did just that, and sure enough…
The utility fixed whatever issue there was, I ran update and rebooted without incident.
Thanks for your patience guys. (V)

If I’m not mistaken, you can just go to “miscellaneous” and export your current configuration to a safe locale. Upon a reinstall just import said settings into the new machine (this could be complete hogwash, as it’s merely my understanding of how it should work) using the same import/export utility.
You may want to try my fix above first…GL!.

Well done, for managing it.

I will give it a try again, but Im having problems exiting UAC due to the OS of my laptop being in Finnsh, and me not being very computer literate when it comes to settings etc.

Just curious, click on the last button on the top right of the UI (Comodo) then go down three buttons to “diagnostics” and run that puppy…see if there was an installation problem?

Although I had run mine more than once before, it didn’t report anything until my failed update/crash.

I will try that now, and report back.!

Ok, the diagnostics’s did not find any problems, however, when i clicked before it carried out the text the screen went dark, and a pop up box appeared asking for Admin rights to preform the task.

I think that my problem is the UAC. Need to find out how to disable it, and re-enable it, and then I should be cooking on gas then.

Thanks for your help so far!

To disable UAC, go to control panel/user accounts and one of the options is to turn UAC on and off.

Or try this:

Tweak UAC makes it quick and easy to turn UAC on or off and also you can set UAC to ‘quiet mode’:

This option does not turn off UAC; instead, it only makes UAC to operate in the quiet mode. In the quiet mode, UAC does not display the elevation prompts for the administrators. That is, when you attempt to do an administrative task, you will be allowed to proceed automatically, without prompting you to confirm the operation. All other features of UAC would still be enabled: the programs will run with the standard user permissions by default, and the standard users will still see the elevation prompts (the quiet mode applies to the administrator accounts only).


Cheers guys, will give that a go when I have time, Im currently getting the firewall, and Defense to remember all the tasks, and executed programs on my laptop first. just hope I can export all these configurations, and then import them into the latest version of CFP, if not, I wont be too happy, particularly after the last attempt to export reset my admin password due to a bug that was found, and COMODO asked for me to send a message to COMODO to help with research etc, and when i did that, i was locked out of my pc.