Can't format a RAM disk in batch file - Help!

I have a batch file that formats a RAM disk using Windows’ built-in utility. My program runs OK when Comodo is turned off. Otherwise I get errors complaining about “access denied” and stating that the program needs “elevated privileges.” I tried making a trusted application, but that didn’t work. I have the batch program in Startup, where it must remain so that other applications can access it. I’m in the Administrator group, so I don’t see what the problem is. This PC runs Win 7 Home Premium (SP 1) with latest updates. I’m using Comodo v 5.10.31649.2253. Can someone be my hero on this puzzler?

EDIT: I’m running Avast v 7.0.1456 with Web Shield off since it doesn’t seem to play well with Comodo.

It seems your batch file is sandboxed, can you add it to Defense+ ‘Trusted Files’ and see if that helps in any way?

That did the trick. You’re my hero!