Can't find sandbox / defense+ settings

So I have CIS and I just can’t find the sandbox and defense+ settings. I’d only need it because I got a USB drive and I can’t safely remove it, and I have read that I have file source tracking (don’t even know if that exists) enabled in sandbox settings. So, what can I do? Maybe I don’t even need these settings, I just want to be able to safely remove the USB drive…
EDIT: I have just downloaded Process Hacker and it was able to end the process. But I’m still looking for an answer as I don’t want to always close Comodo, end process with Process Hacker and then restart comodo…

Hi Scholler,

This is a know issue about USB unplugging,fix for this issue will released soon :-TU .

Ejecting a USB stick is the responsibility of Windows, not CIS as far as I know. Source file tracking suggests that CIS is currently keeping locks open on your files.

You can type “This PC” into your explorer folder bar then right click the drive and select Eject. If this isn’t there for some strange reason you can press Win+R and copy the line below without the speechmarks into the box that appears to tell Windows subsystems directly to release your drive.

RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

This will open Safely Remove Hardware dialog, from this dialog, you can select and unmount the drive.