Cant find Comodo Desktop Widget

it went gone when my computer had some big amounts of lag (due to a heavy web page i think) i tried to look at the widget to see if the antivirus is doing a scan or updating, and the widget just despair during the lag, i tried to enable then disable it (though advance options and right clicking on Comodo icon), restart the computer, diagnose Comodo , but nothing seem to work. i can see the Comodo icon when i press alt+tab is it just outside the desktop, out of my reach? how do i make it reappear?

Can you please post a screenshot of what is making you think it’s just outside of your desktop?
Are you using multiple monitors or something similar?

here is how my desktop look like when the widget is turned on:

when i press alt+tab i see this:

when i press alt+tab when the widget is off i see this: (i had paint open for after i took the screen prints)

i don’t have multiple monitors, but the widget been outside the desktop is what i understand from the situation, could it be something else?

It may be worth trying to reinstall CIS and see if that solves your problem. To do this please follow the advice I give on this page.

Let me know if reinstalling that way solves your problem.


well i managed to solve it at last,i just changed the screen resolution to force the widget into the desktop, but i do think it is an annoying problem with the widget, a button with the label " restart widget position " would have fixed it easily.

Okay, if changing the screen resolution solved the problem then I believe this is a bug. If you wouldn’t mind it would be very helpful if you could create a bug report for this so that the devs can isolate and fix the bug.

Please create a bug report in this area of the forum. Be sure to use the format provided in this post.

i filled a bug report, thanks