"Can't find BOX4UPD.EXE to perform autoupdate" message

I just installed CBO4.23 on my Vista Ultimate x86 system (right-clicking the installation file and choosing “Run as Administraor”). My problem is that, when I right-click the tray icon and tell BOClean to check for updates, it says:

“Can’t find BOC4UPD.EXE to perform autoupdate. On VISTA, this error means that you need to permit the ‘Updater’ through the Windows firewall settings because the ‘updater’ is being BLOCKED!”

So, I created new rules (both inbound and outbound, not knowing which was needed) to allow BOC4UPD.EXE through my Windows firewall (which is my only firewall, aside from my router), but I still get the same message when I tell it to check for updates, even after rebooting.

How should I troubleshoot this? Right-clicking on the tray icon, I see that it says that the last update was actually today (4/26), about six hours before my installation of the application, which doesn’t make much sense to me, since I downloaded the installation file yesterday.

You need to turn UAC off in Vista to get the right click manual update to work, although the automatic updates still should be working with UAC on.

I keep the UAC turned off, dont use a firewall and control everything through my router also.
About 2-3 months ago I was getting the same message as you but that was because of the UAC, since I dont really need this feature of Vista I dont receive any more messages from BOC.
The latest update on BOC is from 4/26 so you’re good to go.
The BOC website is screwed up though, it has the covered malware total at 24083 and the date is from 4/23 but if you click on the covered trojan button on BOC it will say 24347.

I keep YUK sorry UAC on a chain out the back as far away as possible. (:AGY) :SMLR

I’m behind a router as well but I have got the Windows F\W turned on to control outgoing stuff, if you write a couple of outgoing rules for BC it works fine.

I found a post from Kevin in another thread that exactly addresses my problem, which is really only a problem with using the updating command from the tray icon’s right-click menu. Otherwise, I’m good. Thanks, everyone.