can't figure out how the site works

Are you kidding me? No one here can tell me how to find the sticky topic page? Or how to navigate this forum? What is this then? Just a place to go to chat with everyone you guys already know? If so why don’t you just limit to those of you that know how to work it already and stop letting people in that are novices?

I would add some expletives here but then that would be counter productive wouldn’t it?

Can one of you tell me how to close my account here then? I will go do something else with my time.


I did not mean any offense. Your first topic has been renamed and moved here:
so that it is in an area, and with a title, most likely to provide helpful suggestions. I am only trying to help.

In terms of navigating the forum, my advice would be to first identify the product you are concerned with, in this case Comodo Dragon (CD). Then look at the sub-forums, in this case I thought the HELP section would be more appropriate.

I do understand that it is perhaps not the most intuitive setup, and I also the search functionality is not optimal, but I did not mean for my comments to offend you. I really do want to do whatever it is I can to help you resolve your issues and answer whatever questions you may have. I am a volunteer Moderator, and thus do not have the ability to change the setup of the forum. However, if there is anything at all I can do to help you answer your questions please let me know.

Thank you.

WOW can you believe that? the guy moved my post and didn’t tell me how to follow it to where he moved it to? Whats that all about?

$!*& !

I apologize for that, it’s another function of this forum, which now that you point it out is non-intuitive. If you look in the area of the forum where your post was originally created there is now a new topic which was formed which shows you where it was moved. Also, the posts section of your profile should have updated to now automatically direct you to the new post.

No offense was meant, and I apologize if it seemed rude.

An easy way to find replies to your posts is to use the Show new replies to your posts. link. It can be found in the upper right corner of the screen. That way you can easily see when there are replies to topics you posted in or started.