Can't export settings, need to set admin rights

I am using Win7 and can not export my settings, cause it says I need admin right… For whch file do I have to change the rights and which rights are needed to export AND import settings?

You have two choices disable UAC whilst exporting the config, or close the gui and right click it’s a link on the desktop and choose Run as Administrator.


sorry I dont understan you answer.
What is UAC and how to disable it?

close the gui and right click it's a link on the desktop and chose Run as Administrator.
this sentence I also dont understand... right click what?

UAC User Account Control on Vista and Windows 7

Please do this offline if you can right click on the comodo icon in the task bar choose exit.

Then right click on the CIS icon on your desktop which is normally placed there during install of CIS and choose Run as Administrator.

Then try to export your configuration again it should work this time.


is this also valig when importing settings?

Sorry yes.

They have the program updater of CIS working fine now you get UAC prompts.

It would be nice if it worked for export/import of configurations so that it ask for UAC prompts aswell.