Cant export profile

I tried to export my CIS profile today but windows keeps displaying an error saying I dont have admin provelages to do this, how can I correct this?

ps does exporting only make a copy of your CIS profile or does it remove it to a file somewhere?

What OS are you on? It sounds like you may be on Vista. Are you running on a limited user account?

It only makes a copy of your profile. To grant yourself admin privileges, you have to exit CIS and start it again by righ-clicking cfp.exe and choosing “Start as an Administrator” Then you can export your profile :slight_smile:

Do you mean exit it as in right click the shield icon and exit?

ps is there no other way of doing it?

Yes, that’s the way and no, there’s no other way to do it ;D

where and what do I do to reenable Comodo and does it retain my settings?

ps will it remember to always load as administrator or do I have to do it every time I need to alter profiles?

One thing you could do is to change the properties of the cfp.exe file to run as admin. I don’t know if that also works for when Vista starts up the process at boot time.