can't export config in vista

I have installed CIS 3.9.xxxxx.509 on Vista and when I try to export the configuration file (because I’m setting up the “no alerts” configuration) I get this error: ‘Unable to obtain necessary rights. Please run this utility as Administrator and try again’. But this Vista box has only one administrator account, and that the one I am running when I try to do this. Any ideas for me? Thanks.


This works for me but not for everyone.
I presume you have UAC enabled.

If you close the gui of CIS then right click on CIS shortcut then choose Run as Adminstrator, and then try to export your cofiguration again.

I’m running into the same problem in vista. UAC is modified, I’ve set all CIS exe’s to run as admin, and it does not work. The offered file type is “all files”.

What file contains my config? Can I save and restore it manually?

The config is in the registry screenshot below.

[attachment deleted by admin]

It’s because of UAC. I had this problem when I used to use UAC. For me, running as admin, etc. never worked. Just disable UAC, reboot, export config, and then enable it again.

Thanks to both of you. If I may comment on a Microsoft product: UAC is sure a solution to a lot of problems I never used to have.

I ran into pretty much the same issue. This is what worked for me:

  1. Cut your internet connection (to protect yourself for the next part)
  2. Right click on the CIS system tray icon and click exit to completely exit Comodo
  3. Go to the start menu, right click on the CIS icon and “Run As Administrator”
  4. Once its now launched with administrator privileges, you will be able to export your profile
  5. Go and exit CIS again (no need to have it have administrator rights anymore)
  6. Relaunch CIS under normal privileges (just click the shortcut) and re-enable your internet connection
    Everything should be back to normal and you should have your profile exported.

I have never had an issue with exporting as long as I started the GUI as Admin.
The status of UAC did not matter (on or off).

By the way, you don’t have to cut your internet connection when doing this. Exiting COMODO by right clicking the system tray icon only shuts the GUI (interface) down. The part of CIS that protects you is still running.