Cant exclude directory in rules [RESOLVED]

you need to add option to exclude full directories

or maybe i’m doing it wrong please enlighten me

Hello pcuser32,

Can you please tell me which product you are referring to ?

Comodo firewall

Can you give us a little more details on this ?

What are you trying to do ? Exclude things from Defence+ Monitoring or maybe from the AV scanner for Comodo Internet Security ?

I am afraid i cant give exact comodo details because I have removed comodo from my system

I was trying to stop the endless interagation by comodo about my anti-virus and other security layers access. Had to allow/deny every exe and dll related to each program. could not get any work done!

if comodo had a way to allow/exclude a programs full directory this would be a needed feature.

I installed comodo because i heard comodo was a bit like tiny firewall pro (a favored app before the CA buy out) with sandbox type feature sets. I’m not suggesting it’s not, to the contrary seems like a fine program i did not get to fully test it.

problem: no easy way to exclude my other security layers from being encumbered by comodo (was a deal breaker for me)

example: I run and anti vurus app. and windows defender. I exclude the anti vurus apps. full directory from being scanned by windows defender and vice versa as well as other trusted applications as you know some dll files act as executables so to avoid my system from being slowed/compromised by repetitive scans and checks of trusted applications i exclude/bypass them.

i need a firewall that allows me to exclude/bypass full file directories via a wild card
i.e. exclude/bypass “D:\Program Files\Windows Defender*.*”

If you are looking for a Firewall-Only solution just install CFP and select only the Firewall to install.
This will give you a network firewall that can allow/block traffic over the network like tiny/kerio could.

I think the alerts you are referring to are caused by Defence+ the Host Intrustion Prevention part of CFP.
If you chose not to install this you will have a firewall only and therefore will not be bothered with the HIPS alerts.

your suggestion to weaken protection is not wise besides if buy comodo
i would like to use all features not disable them
Defence+ the Host Intrustion Prevention you speak of sounds like a good feature

If a some point comodo is able to exclude full directories please email me
I’ll give it another look


I still have the feeling we are not on the same level here …

Are you trying to Exclude directories from AV Real-Time scan ?

were not on the same page at all
i have explained my requirement as best as i could
you think comodo is fine the way it is
good, please disregard my suggestion

I think i’ll just stay with my present solution

thanks for your time

I don’t disregard any suggestion, i just don’t understand exactly what you are trying to do
And i’d like to do so therefore my question again.

If i understand you a little you had to much Alerts for Defence+ ?
Most of the time i handle Defence+ Alerts with one popup, if i know the tool/program i select it to be a “Trusted Application” after that you normally won’t get any more alerts for this application Unless it’s starting an other executable that option is still “Ask” for the Trusted Application predefinition.

You can also run Defence+ in Training Mode so it can silently learn you applications and switch to an other mode a few day’s later that would save a lot of Alerts also.

Comodo → Defense+ → My Safe Files.

Hope this is what you’re looking for…

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thanks kyle
it was what i was looking for
glad to know comodo has this feature set

will try to install comodo again as soon as i have time

/thanks again

You’re welcome :slight_smile: (:HUG)
Also if there are any other features you would like please add it to the wish list.

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