Can't E-Mail Unless I Turn Off All Firewall Protection

Hi there,

I very much appreciate Comodo and find it generally very effective.

However, I have a problem that baffles me.

I thought I had permission set up for my e-mail programs to go on line. But the settings don’t work. I have two Eudora Programs set up, one of business and one for personal.

Lately, for no reason that I know, I get either one to pick up my e-mail until I go to the Firewall screen and turn off alll protection. Then I have to remember it back on. Sometimes I don’t remember.

Help! How do it get whatever is blocking my e-mail turned off?


First off, welcome to the comodo forums and community.

Please provide the following information:

  • CPF version

This let’s us know if you’ve had any default network rules created, if any. One important thing about CPF is that without the required traffic flow (network rules) allowed, it doesn’t matter if the application has been allowed or not; the attempt will fail. Attaching a screenshot of your Network rules is probably a good idea.

  • What is posted in your log?

Typically there is a default network rule to block and log, this can sometimes pinpoint additional betwork rules that mayneed to be created above the default ones.

  • What are your Application rules set to for the application?

Sometimes when the parent changes and the application rule re-asks, you might be tempted to deny access the second time. This ends up in overwritting your previous “Allow” rule to “Block”. May want to check your application rules, or remove them and let CPF relearn them.

  • What other processed does your e-mail client rely on?

Sometimes application use other services to accomplish what they need. Take Windows Defender as an example… without Services.exe having internet access, Windows defender will never download an update.

These are some thoughts off the top of my head… your feedback will inspire more I’m sure. I’m assuming you’re only missing a/some Network control rules… but time will tell. :wink: