Can't download film data [Resolved]

There’s a freebie DVD organizer called Flickz which I use to maintain my DVD collection of some 400 titles. For some reason or other, I can’t seem to download data related to new titles I’ve entered even though I’ve given the application access rights. It downloads info from on IP But each time I try to download anything, it times out with an error stating it was unable to connect (see image). I’ve also tried removing an existing title and then attempting to download it again, but the same thing happens.

I can only think that it’s the FW which is blocking the connection because I can download data using my other PC which doesn’t have the Comodo firewall installed. That machine has an nForce4 motherboard which incorporates its own hardware firewall.

Can somebody point me in the right direction as to how I can resolve this issue? I’ve checked the logs, but I can’t find any “Access denied” messages which are related to the program.

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at first you edit your post saying some dont work IN bound and remove jpg :slight_smile:

look in your logfile, if that dont say IN block, look help of app what ports it need.

most likely you need create a tcp IN rule in network with a specific port that is above the common BLOCK IP rule.


Why on earth should that be necessary? I would have thought that if the user clicks the “Allow” button when the alert pops up for the first time, all actions for that application will be allowed. Otherwise, there’s no point in having it if every time you use the application, you’ve got to configure ports/permissions all over again.

Here, this is just to prove that the program works on a PC without the Comodo firewall installed. I’m posting this from my other PC which has a built in hardware firewall (NVidia Active Armor firewall) and have just attempted to connect to IMDB in order to download data pertaining to the film title “The Da Vinci Code”. I’ve included an image of the netstat command so that you can see which IP and port Flickz is connecting to download the data.

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To give Comodo the benefit of the doubt as being the cause of why Flickz won’t download data, I downloaded an alternative DVD organizer called Personal Video Database and this one works properly. So it could well be something in the other application (the script perhaps) which causes it to fail when attempting to download data.

I tried something different. In trying to detect what the difference was between the Flickz installation on this computer, and the one on my other machine, I installed a movie organizer which I used to use, but found to be ultimately too slow. This seems to have kicked Flickz into life and when I attempted to download a film title a few minutes ago, all went according to plan.

So problem solved, and one that doesn’t appear to be related to the Comodo firewall even though all indications pointed in that direction initially.

Glad you worked that out, Zito. Thanks for making the effort. I’ll mark the topic as Resolved and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we’ll do so.


PS: Based on this

I would have thought that if the user clicks the “Allow” button when the alert pops up for the first time, all actions for that application will be allowed.
you may want to read the explanation of CFP’s layered rules, in this thread:,6167.0.html It should help you understand how CFP works, and why it’s different than most other firewalls.