Can't download .exe files with firefox and KAV7 (v3.0.14.276 x64)

I can’t seem to be able to download executables with comodo firewall pro 3 (v3.0.14.276 x64)
on vista x64 with Kaspersky Anti-virus 7 installed anymore.

When I try to download a .exe file I get pop-up saying that an unknown error occurred and to try to save to a different location. The problem is this happens even before I even get the pop-up to select a location to save my file.

I first thought it was a problem with firefox, then I turned off KAV7 and magically the error disappeared. I tried to add kav7 in the Defense+ safe list, use custom access rights, add %temp% folders and executable to its allow rule but the problem is still the same.

it seems that Firefox is caching the file in the %temp% folder and both comodo defense+ and KAV are trying to access the file at the same time and it causes an error.

I tried downloading a .exe file with IE and it worked.

Thanks in advance

I reinstalled comodo firewall and it works now.

I have the same problem with Comodo and Avira Antivir.

Reinstall of Comodo did not change anything for me. (:AGY)

Yep, I am having the same problem, I uninstalled and start working then it quit again. For being the best I am very leery as a new user to this piece of software. Any help would be great!!

Hi piratedog

Good to have you join the Comodo Forum

We have some pretty good tech help here on the forum. If you give all your computer info, OS, and all your security apps, and any other things that you have tried to make it work for you someone here will be able to walk through a process for you to get it working so that you will be a happy customer (camper?).


I can give you mine, so that I also become a happy cutomer. (:NRD)

OS: XP Pro
Security Apps: Avira Personal Premium; Comodo Firewall with Defense + (newest version
What I tired to make it work:

  • Set Firewall and Defense+ to learning mode → nothing change
  • Set Firewall and Defense+ to disable → nothing change
  • Completely turn of Comodo Firewall → problem gone
  • disable Avira Antivir guard → problem gone

Also I should mention that the problem does not always occur, but only in maybe 80% of the cases. Also, mostly I could solve the problem by trying several times to download the same file; after a few tries it worked.

Ok, well here is my list too

Running Winxp–latest
Comodo anti virius–latest
comodo firewall–latest
firefox–latest version

I also uninstalled Comodo Firewall it I can down load fine. When I reinstalled I could only download once and the problem returned. And once again I cannot download. Please help or I will have to find a new firewall and that is not easy. I sure don’t want to after the great things I heard about this firewall.

I have exactly the same problem, I can download zip files but not exe. If I right click and save as it works for exe.

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I think I’ve solved it, I completely removed Comodo Firewall, (and then ran CCleaner just to ensure no ‘bits’ were left). Re-installed the firewall and all seems to be working now, so I’m guessing that Comodo may either have stayed in the background after I turned it “off” even though I went into task manager and stopped everything that looked like it started with “cav” etc. or it changed something in Firefox incorrectly that it changed correctly on re-install.

I can now just click on download buttons and exe file come down.

Interestingly this time when I installed Comodo f’wall I chose the basic option not the advanced

Installing comodo in the basic mode probably solved the problem for you.

However, be aware, that it is generally not supported to do so, if you do not have any other HIPS programs running that prevent you from malware and leaks. (you might check the recent discussions in the forum and on certain blog pages ;))

Also, please check my posts here;msg128082#msg128082
I think it is very clear that the problem is coming from comodo.

Many thanks for your reply.

…well, I’m running Comodo AV and that has HIPS capabilities so i think I’m ok?

I guess so.


Maybe you can follow this threads;

Comodo forum:

Firefox Forum:


CAVS’ HIPS is not the same - doesn’t provide the same level of coverage. Which may be okay for you. That’s a pretty basic HIPS, just asking if you want to allow something to run. You can crank up the levels so that it does more than just watch for executables, which will obviously get a lot more alerts.

If you want a full-coverage hips, there are options available (even for free). It all depends on your level of paranoia/desire for increased security, and what you’re willing to do to get there…