can't download anti-viruspyware

I have just downloaded and installed the comodo firewall… then I went on to download the anti virus, but I don’t get a download window or link after I put my name and email in the form like I did when I ordered the firewall… I don’t get a notification from the IE7 to allow it either


If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for CAVS you can download the latest beta at the topic below.,4067.msg30858.html#msg30858

All attempts to download any version of CAVS resulted in “server is busy” notification.

I hope this is temporary…

Well, I just dowloaded it with no hitch.

Try again.

I’ve had no problems downloading anything from Comodo.
Works like a dream.
Must have been a server overload when you attempted, try late at night or early in the mornings.