Can't disable auto update on scan, also can't scan when update fails

First off, thanks for the free software. I’ve used Comodo for years, and have recommended it to friends in the past.

However, apparently you have config options in your software that are now being ignored and/or are broken.

I unchecked the “update automatically” checkbox in the definition for both the quick scan and the full scan, and I disabled checking for updates in general, but it still tries to update when I run it. Even more frustrating, it refuses to start the scan when the update fails (as if its impossible to scan if it wasn’t able to update…). I understand having the most recent definitions is a good thing, but its a nice to have, not a requirement for the scan to proceed.

Could you please fix your software so that it obeys its own config options and/or just allows a scan to continue when an update fails? I cannot be the only user that thinks this “feature” of your software is asinine, especially considering that disconnecting a computer that is suspected of being infected from the Internet and your network is a pretty basic first step.