Can't detect private network??

my firewall can’t seem to detect new private network??

how can i open the NEW PRIVATE NETWORK DETECTED window??

i’m only using a single PC and my IP address changes everyday… is it possible for the firewall to notify me if my IP address changes?

thanks for the help…

Since you don’t have a local network in the first place it cannot detect a local network. That’s why it is not there.

If you were to have a router in between a modem and your computer CIS would automatically detect that and add it to My Network Zones.

I hope that this clears things up for you.

The Settings menu in More… section allows you to configure various options related to the operation of Comodo Internet Security, e.g.,

Automatically Detect New Private Networks - Selecting this check box means that the firewall will automatically detect any new networks that the computer is connected to. Comodo recommends users to leave this option at its default, enabled setting.

Ensure that option is checked. It should discern whatever the configuration is for “local network connection” defined on the host, i.e., the network interface card itself.

I’ve established a network zone titled: NIC having a single IP address, i.e., the NIC itself (as determined from a command prompt ipconfig (but I have a static IP, not using DHCP or APIPA).