Can't delete my own topic [RESOLVED]

I tried to delete my topic in the General board but I get a error that I can’t delete my own topic in this board. What is happening?

mod edit: [RESOLVED] added.

Hi Princess Snowflake

Yes, we did remove that ability. The main reason being that when the originator deleted the topic it also took all the replies with it, this upset users & resulted in potentially important information being lost.

However, if you do need a topic (that you started) deleted, then simply ask a Mod & they will remove it for you (assuming nothing important will be lost in the process).

Thank you and I wasn’t sure what was going on.

When was this removed?

Haha hehe…I guess the admins think we are all rebels…first Who’s Online, now Topic Deletion, I can’t help but wonder what is next. :THNK Wait! This wasn’t because of me again was it? :-X

Yet another opportunity to state obvious. Wooohooo.
Not everything is about you Jeremy and this wasn’t about you either I’m afraid. I don’t believe we… knew you when we made that change. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot.


Issue resolved & answered, topic closed. If you need the topic opened again Princess Snowflake, then just send a PM to any on-line Mod.