Can't Delete from Component Monitor


Several deleted programs (WEBex, PrivacyGuardian,GoogleToolbar,&MovieCollection) keep re-appearing, in component monitor after deleting them. I have searched for, comp[onent monitor’s referenced files & they do not exist, (search included hidden & read only). Note no where in Comodo can I find anything for: moviecollection & privacy guardian! WEBex, & GoogleToolbar keep reappearing.

Run RegSeeker ver 1.52 show repeatedly: All above apps. & Comodo: Example of RegSeek:

HKLM\system\software\comodo\personal firewall\appctrl\apps\10 and this entry points/refernces
c:\doc… & settings\rick\my doc…\movies\moviecollection.exe navigating to this path it’s not there! Likewise “search” does not find moviecollection.exe.

I’ve tried within Comodo: insure check each item in Application Monitor - no reference to above mentioned apps… Check each item in Component Monitor, set each to “block” delete, with Component Mon. “OFF”

Run RegSeeker finds all the above apps… Delete same with RegSeeker, Close RegSeeker > rerun Regseker > all items previously deleted are re=found by Regseek > close Regseek > check Comodo all items remain deleted > reboot & WEBex, GoogleToolbar are back in Component Mon…, Not found in Component or App Mon. are PrivacyGuardian & Moviecollection. Run RegSeek all apps found and reference Comodo

Also WEBex, PrivacyGuardian, GoogleToolbar were once used & accepted by Comodo, and these three were deleted using there UN-Installers. Also These items do not show up in “Windows Install Clean Up” program.

Moviecollection - did not have an installer.


Hi Rico & welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry, but I doesn’t seem that anybody on the forums knows what is causing this. I recommend that you go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. Please post back here any feedback that you get. Thanks.