Can't delete any of "My Trusted Software Vendors" (v3.8.64263.468)

I don’t trust in signed MS nor any other that I don’t know/have installed…
So, I decided to clean-up my “Trusted Vendors List”.
Can’t do it. Deletion is ignored. All come back, again and again.


(man… this new final/public version still with so many bugs! I think this “”“final”“” was too early/“in-a-hurry”) SOOORRY, but true.

Please don’t be insulted as this may seem like a dumb question,
Are you remembering to click apply before you close the window?

I am able to remove them and reboot and they are gone, or do you think maybe
updates are putting them back?

And yes, I agree there seems to be mounting evidence that this should have been
an RC. Seems there are several functions that don’t work as expected.
A little frustrating to read the help manual, understand it, then find some stuff just don’t work like expected.

Hi Bad:

be cool. You are welcome and your question has a point. I’m not angry with anyone. I’m with COMODO for a long time, since v2… AND I WILL NOT LEAVE THEM. (They/you will have to tolerate my questions a lot more ^_^)

so, comming back to the question: YES, I did apply the deletions. :-TU

So your saying they are back right away if you reopen the window like bam?

Yea I’m not going anywhere either, just sometimes wonder what the rush is
IMO an RC would have saved some face, and made for a lot less hassle trying to
sort things out when trying to help.

yes, again. exactly.

1- open Vendors list,
2- select one and click remove,
3- It will be gone,
4- select the 2nd and click remove,
5- it will be gone,
6- select another one (3rd) and click remove,
7- it will be gone,
8- select the 4th and click remove,
9- it will be gone. This ends clean-up.
10- click apply to register changes and to close that screen.
11- re-open the Vendors list - all them are back!

weird behavior… not so important to ME b/c I can disable vendors list if I want, or “regedit” the settings. No problem at all for ME. Just reporting.

btw: TC is disabled, no updates in this period of time, all “updates/auto-sent” settings are un-ticked.

I can confirm this!
It’s possible for me to delete them one by one - means - delete one, click apply, reopen the window, delete the next…
But selecting more than one entry will also remove only one :frowning: At least in my case…

OK Hi BigMike,

Confirmed, that is the behavior. One at a time can be removed per window opening.
You can select to remove several and apply, but only the last one selected is removed.


In your case of 100% control just uncheck the box in D+ settings:
Trust the applications digitally signed by trusted software vendors
Then the entire list becomes irrelevant.
I believe you knew this already from your prior post, just clarifying for others.


Hi Bad;

I didn’t tried removing one by one before, and I really didn’t knew this works. = MY BAD.


THANKS for clarifying! and for patience.

(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) :■■■■