Can't defrag with CAVS on [Resolved]

Hi guys, first topic here. Great community.
Hi recently started using CAVS and I am already an enthusiast.
when I tried to defrag my disk this process hangs around 3, sometimes 6 %. I never thought it could be related to Comodo, but today I just thought of disabling it and try again and the defrag went well.

I’ve searched this forum with the keyword “defrag” and nothing related come on.
Was this a known issue?

Hi and welcome to the forum blue! I haven’t heard of CAV specifically but could be wrong. However, when I defrag, I disconnect from the internet and shut down running applications such as my anti-v and firewall and anything else to speed up defrag time and perhaps a more thorough defrag and then a reboot. <<As said this is my choice, the way I do it>> but many applications will slow down or even halt the defrag process. What are you using to defrag with? This may make a difference as well.


Thanks for the quick reply, Paul! That was nice of you.
I use windows XP defragger as I’ve always did. I know it’s slow but it never hanged before. I’m not that concerned with speed as I defrag it overnight, but I wanted to know if this was a bug or not. It’s really no trouble for me to turn it off, but I thought I should inform Comodo developers.
I don’t know how unethical it would be to do it here, but I must ask you for a defrag alternative if you can provide one. Thank you.

P.S. - Sorry for my writing, English is not my mother language and I hate prepositions, by the way. ;D

Not a problem! I use third party myself as well, here you go…check some of these…

I use a boot page file defrag as well. Also I don’t feel it’s a bug as Windows defrag has a hard time when anything is running which is why I don’t have to do the above mentioned any more and use a third party defrag. :wink:


Normally, I will disable all background processes before running defrag including AV. So far no issue with it.

Ok, glad to hear. :wink: