Can't cut/paste! Help!!!

I’m relatively new to Chromodo, but the one thing that’s driving me nuts (and away…) is the inability to use the cut/paste functions (either via menus or CTL-C/V functions). FYI, I’m using Windows 7 on a laptop.

Dragging stuff works most of the time, but even that is sometimes blocked when strange menus (sorry, I don’t know what they’re called!) slide out from the left side of the screen (I guess they’re meant for you to share things on Facebook, etc). Several times now I’ve been blocked from proceeding because of this – and had to move to a different browser to finish what I had started on Chromodo!

Does anyone know how to A.) let me use the cut/paste functions; and B.) turn off that stupid(!) menu that slides in from the left side of the window?!!?


Hi and welcome kancana,

A) I have seen this in the past and it turned out to be an issue caused by an extension, please try with all 3rd party extensions disabled.

B) Disable the ‘Comodo Drag&Drop Service’ extension.

Hope that helps.