Can't copy a false positive file

I can’t copy my Gavote RRamdisk installation files from one disk to another. What made me angry was that I haven’t got any pop-up. CIS just blocked it (copying) without a word! How one can cope with similar situation?

You can work around it by temporarily disabling the AV resident shield. It’s a bug though and I think it has been reported.

You are an Opera user. Do you recognise the Opera icon in my avatar?

All in all I prefer it to be a bug rather than intentional solution.

I do recognize it although it’s kind of “shy”. Why you’re asking? :slight_smile:

I am just curious what others think of the avatar. I had Opera bigger but eXperience, the maker of the avatar, was not totally happy with it. With Opera smaller it is less in the way. I agree it is kinda shy looking around the corner.

This was the previous incarnation.

[attachment deleted by admin]

It looks neat to me. The one with more Opera logo. Go for Inkscape and make your own avatar.

Thanks for the tip. But my visual imagination is really bad; no software is gonna help me there. :smiley:

I still think in the first version the Opera icon is a bit in the way and blocks the word Comodo too much. I haven’t found an interesting in between between the two versions yet.


I would stick to “pure” avatar and one of the official Opera buttons.