Can't connect

windows xp 2003 sp3
comodo 3.11
(using computer in lan so i can’t upload screenies)
port switch router


Cannot access internet explorer 8
Cannot acces firefox 3.0
Opera is opened but cannot access internet

Will anyone help?

Can you tell us a bit more about your system?

What settings are you using for CIS? The default settings?

Delete the rules for IE8, Firefox and Opera under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy and Defense + Advanced → Computer Security Policy. No worries, CIS will recreate new rules.

Not being able to start up a program may be caused by not having allowed explorer to start the program. Easiest thing here is to delete the rules of explore in Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy. CIS will recreate new rules for explorer.

Next time when you start up a program and get the alert that Explorer wants to start program X give Explorer the permission to start program X and let it remember the answer.

Let us know how things go.

Have same basic problem as rget. Internet web wont connect. Be glad to open a new thread, if I should.

Using dialup now, connect via IE7 and Fx just fine. When I try doing the same via my wireless usb (encore) program, neither IE7 nor Fx allow opening internet connections other than an initial page.

Followed instructions of EricJH.

Had no explorer in D+. Removed IE7 and Fx as directed. Both IE & fx were recreated by CIS when I attempted to access via my wireless connection.

Basically using default setup, following some instructions in the tutorial.

Appreciate help in advance, My best Diligent.

XP home; SP3. Fx.3.5.2

@diligentinquirer. I think your problem is a different as your system works completely on the one connection and not on the other. We need to look further in your configuration to see what is happening.Please start your own topic and provide us with the above and some more details about your wireless connection.

Can you also provide us with screenshots from the Firewall logs of around the time you are trying to connect with your wireless in your topic start? They can be found under Firewall → Commom Tasks → View Firewall events.

OK EricJH. Had a hunch, but did not know. Proceeding, Thanks, Diligent.