Can't Connect To The Internet With Comodo Firewall Installed.

Hi. This is my first time at this forum. I installed Comodo firewall yesterday for the first time. The install went ok, but after install and restart, I couldn’t connect to the internet or receive e-mail.

A little history…

I was using Avira Premium Internet Security Suite, antivirus and firewall. I decided to go back to KAV 6 and give Comodo firewall a try. I uninstalled Avira SS, ran a registry cleaner to clear out any Avira stuff. I installed KAV 6. I then installed Comodo firewall. In settings where you can check, Block, Custom, Allow, I had Custom checked. The only way I could connect to the internet, was to check Allow. I decided to uninstall and then reinstall. That didn’t help. I then installed Sunbelt Kerio 4, which I am now using. As you can see, I have no problems connecting to the internet.

What can be causing the problem of not connecting to the internet with Comodo installed?

Thank you.

Hi Golfjunky & welcome to the forums.

What’s your method of connecting to the Internet & is there anything in CFWs Log?

Hi kail. I have cable connection with Comcast. I didn’t see anything in the log that showed something being blocked. But since I’m new to Comodo, I might have missed something. I don’t have it installed now, so I can’t say.

OK. If you install CFW again, try using the automatic configuration. It’s fairly good at detecting your current set-up. Also, if CFW is blocking something from working, then it should be reflected in CFWs Log.

The Log can also be exported to an HTML file & from there you should be able to cut ‘n’ paste entries to here if you need advice on them.